• 2v2 Tournament

    Hi everyone! We are considering hosting our first 2v2 Tournament. Let's team up and find out who is going to be a Dream Team of 2016 . Please join...

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    Started by Baruk

  • Roadmap

    Road Map I would like to state our future road map for Wargame Project. I started to write down all the ideas that we generated through...

    8 2 994

    Started by Baruk

  • Battle Server beta opened

    We have just opened access to our new big feature - Battle Server: http://www.wargameproject.com/bs Battle Server enables network multiplayer...

    4 0 1,810

    Started by megas

  • Public games on Battle Server

    During the last month we have done a lot of changes and fixes to polish the Battle Server both on the web and in the game itself. We have beta tested...

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    Started by megas

  • Tournament

    We are proud to announce the first ever WargameProject Tournament! This is a huge milestone for us and we are looking forward to determine the...

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    Started by megas

  • Welcome to the new forum!

    Welcome to the new improved forum! We will post here news and announcements about the game development progress and some insights. While we will keep...

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    Started by megas

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