Hi everyone!

We are considering hosting our first 2v2 Tournament. Let's team up and find out who is going to be a Dream Team of 2016 [cool].

Please join this thread to discuss details of upcoming event or just to show that you are willing to participate!

Everyone is welcome!
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This is good idea i think [smile]
we can discuss reglament of this tournament.

As i know it would have 2 rounds. In first round teams play with each other, everyone with everyone. So it could be any number of teams, there is no need to limit number of teams by only 4 or only 8. It could be 5, 6, 7, 9, etc.
So first round is championship every team plays against others teams 1 game.

Only 2 best teams go to second round and play final (1 or 3 games?).

I think it would be better to start games with QS.
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sounds great!

A 1v1 tournament could/should perhaps follow after the fields have been washed of blood

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