We have just opened access to our new big feature - Battle Server:

Battle Server enables network multiplayer where you can create games, invite other players or accept other player invitations and then track the progress of the game online. First of all it is a way to organise the game process, the game will automatically upload and download save files to/from the server and notify other players by email.
On top of that it gives high level of protection against cheating which is essential to play with strangers. Save files are not stored on the player computer and though number of loads is not currently limited, their number is transparent to all other players. Number of loads and turn duration are tracked and shown in user profile effectively forming some sort of player reputation, so you can check the stats before starting a game with a stranger.
Finally this feature will enable us to make a ladder and all other sweet features when we have enough players and stats. 

Feel free to share your ideas about Battle Server here. There is a big chance they will be implemented [smile]
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Some updates re the battle server.. Added button on the game page to resign (surrender). This option is also available from the game in the forthcoming new release (with other cool network game improvements), but on web you can do it even if it is not your turn.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.45.10.png 

Also on the Battle Server home page, you can now see the list of the most active players and send them private message for example to challenge them for a game! Note that your email address is not reveiled when you send a PM.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.47.28.png 
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A minor question pertaining game loads(reloads)> it hasnt been an issue thus far, though i cant imagine it will never arise:
Say i just logged into my turn and soon after my peaceful PC time is cut short due to a real life drama> i must leave and come back to it later. I click exit game.
What happens in this situation, and is this what we call a reload? 
- is the work i had done so far saved? or i just simply start my turn over? 
Thanks in advance
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Your progress should not be lost. If you exit the game in Iron Man mode, it will send a save file to server. 

And if you want to be sure that the game is saved, of course you can always do it manually, by pressing CTRL + 's' or by selecting 'save' in game menu.

Iron Man mode:
  • game is saved after each army move
  • game is saved on exit
  • game is saved automatically when you make 'end of turn'

Normal mode:
  • you must save your progress manually
  • game is saved automatically when you make 'end of turn'
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Basic. simple. ...Good to know 
I asked because i had read somewhere that reloads are kept track of; which is good way to judge the honor of opponents> and for whatever reason [crazy] i was thinking that once i log into our network and click 'begin' > its in stone so to speak, and we're regulated to go through our entire turn and click 'end turn' or exit out which would mark you up as an extra reload next time you log it again... 

I can save game like normal, which is really what i was getting at [smile]
And the Iron Mode has been explained at the sametime> thanks 
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