Your reading this forum, which means you are searching for a good war game. You have played many of the latest and greatest, but, here you still are.

if you are searching for simple, fun, and instant gratification> go play angry birds. off with you!! [wave]

if you seek the best and most revolutionary graphics, a game that requires not much thought, but is hip, and with great music thrown in for good measure> your not gonna find that here [nono] Grand Theft Auto may suit your needs. Enjoy!

If, however, you KNOW your a 'war gamer',  and you have played the many war games available, but for some reason you are still left feeling empty>

You very well may find what you seek HERE

strategy, tactics, scouting, army building, troop management, troops and 'heroes' with many many detailed attributes and skills, formations, supply lines, field fortifications, ambushes, siege, random events good and bad, economics, a perfect touch of fantasy, thought provoking dilemmas, a fabulous and detailed turn by turn battle replay... and more...

-if any of this sounds intriguing, you just stumbled upon a true gem.

Play through the campaign> BUT > do not develop your ultimate opinion from it. The campaign simply gives you an idea of the most basic controls, but by no means does it represent the true quality, attention to detail, and realism you will find when you move on to wage war against real people. 

Any game of this nature always has a learning curve, so give it some honest time, and you may just be rewarded. Ive known this game for only one week, and it surpasses many war games i have ever played. (Im a gamer since atari in 1985)

Also noteworthy (indeed a whole separate topic in itself) : The 'developers' are by far the warmest and quickest to respond to whatever you wish to ask/know. They're open to ideas and play the game themselves.  

The point is, theres a huge difference between franchise money making games, and real people wanting to interact and involve themselves with other real people, all for the love of the game.



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I don't know what to say. [smile] Thank you for these kind words. 
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Thanks a lot! 
I feel that our UI could be much better [smile] The fact that we made the game for ourselves in the first place and then decided to show it to the world is both a good and a bad thing. Because of that it has all this indepth, but on the other hand we never cared for UI back then. Also we like developing game features, this is where the fun comes from and UI work is hard and dull, but so much important [smile]
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What I mean is that only very few users can find strength to go all the way and figure out how to play our game. I wish we could spend more time and make it much more usable without compromising level of detail of course...
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[cool] UI is perfectly understandable> its like the knobs fell off the oven and to a stranger theyre not sure just how to work it...but eventually, with strength as you say, theyll figure it out...(But its your oven, and even without knobs you can work it just fine.[tongue]

The important thing like you said is that the inner workings for this project are certainly on target. You spent much time with the details and it shows!!! I was not overstating when i say this game even in its present form, knocks many franchise games clean off theyre 'high horses'...my humble opinion

-this is why i write 'disclaimer thread' for folks checking out the game because 9 out of 10 people have come to demand only the best graphics etc> even if the game sucks!!!....The people who judge a book by its cover[frown]

-but then theres the folks that can see through all that fancy stuff and they'd play this game even if you took away all the graphics and replaced them with pixel dots [thumb] 

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"In this article we will discuss what kind of randomness can be encountered in Wargame Project. Without further ado let us begin."

excellent choice of words there at the end [cool] cant help but to feel drawn in to the 'strategy guide' as a whole, its very well presented, and of course informative. Just wanted to give a big [thumb] for your work, without replying in the actual thread- it seems like i'd be defacing it [frown]
...look forward to future installments
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