So I know that troops need to eat, food is generated from villages and sent to castle by taxes. Few questions;

-Do troops eat the local food when standing in castle or village square or keep using their supplies?
-Is "take food" command from a village considered an evil act?
-Do villages regain wealth at all when being food taxed or do I need to set it to 0 to regain militia?
-Does village wealth determine the amount of food generated, and if so at what rate?
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Good questions or better to say right [smile])

1) Troops eat local food when standing in objects that have food (for this reason I for example sometimes do not raze orc villages when fighting against orcs, they still produce food when enslaved or at least I first take all the food from there before razing it)
2) Not evil act. 
3) There are 3 levels - no tax, normal tax and double tax. On normal level wealth grows somewhat, but slowly. Indeed on zero level the wealth grows much faster, but not as much as it decreases when tax is doubled. You can see how much food there is in your castle and if enough, then go ahead and remove the tax to boost village wealth in order to raise militia. Its one of the key tactics for Men I believe - to master the production of militia: raise militia, gather some food, remove tax, raise again, then enable the tax, etc. Note that when you raise militia - they are quite useless unless you use "Train" skill of your baron knight or hero. After trained you need to take them to castle and equip armour. After that they are as good as light infantry...
There is alternative tactics - boost your wealth until level 2.7 and then instead of liegemen (which come to your baron knights when they are in home area), other units will join which are heavily armoured.
Also note that if you have money, you can buy up to 4 villages which increases militia available.
4) Yes it does. The amount of food is population multiplied by wealth.

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Ok so which objects have food? Obviously castles and villages, any others?
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You can also get food in orc huts
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