If I download the new one will it break the games I currently have going?
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Don't worry. You can have multiple versions of WargameProject application on you PC. If new version is not save compatible you will not be able to load the game started on older version. But you can still play on your older version of client. 
Also, you will be notified that a new version breaks your current save games: 

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We have our version string composed from 4 numbers:
[major version].[minor version].[save version].[revision]

When revision changes save games are not affected:
x.x.x.1 -> x.x.x.2 

When save version changes save games become incompatible:
x.x.1.x -> x.x.2.x

So, as long as only revision is changed, you can upgrade to newer client and continue playing. 
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