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In game villages have population cap of ~30 villagers, so 25 is a very good start. I usually don't play with this parameter. Village provides food to its master city, so if you put very low numbers you can end up with hungry troops in your castle at the beginning of the game. Which is maybe fine for some campaign scenario, but in a multiplayer match it's like starting a game with your HQ burning. [smile] 

Things to consider:
  • village with low population evolves faster
  • maximum number of villages for one castle is four
  • village wealth is more important than population, since wealth is accumulated in a much slower pace
'Update villages' check box is useful when you want to change owner of your castle, which already has villages. Click on this check box and this action will also change owner of the villages that belong to this castle.
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ok, so lets learn more about this castle and village parameter> exmpl if i set castle to pop 9 does this sway default troop# or this wont make difference?

and- does the pop you set in village- have any effect on starting 'gaurd' troops aswell, be it for AI or human controlled...

and also on the AI(neutral) for villages, what if i do not link that village to the 'intended' castle? (i.e. will the AI eventually take it over)


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  • If population is below 20, castle production will be limited (halved). That includes units produced on turn one, but does not affect initial troops given to player when 'no quick start' feature is on.
  • Village militia strength is in direct relation with number of villagers. The more you have villagers the more militia will be assigned to the duty.
  • In current implementation it is possible to have a village that is not bound to any castle. If you capture it, it will still stay independent and not pay food tax to the city. Technically it is possible, but I for one don't understand why would anyone want such village [smile]
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Ok so on the last point from prior topic above^^ I conclude by saying for anyone else that decides to tinker with our great little map maker, as a rule of thumb you will do this procedure for every castle you place: 

>Place your castle and decide the parameters in the 'castle details', which will pop-up by default as you place it
>In this same pop-up, select who the castle is intended for at startup (player 1, player 2, neutral etc)(take note of 'race' also)
>Add the village(s) for said castle, and choose village population as well (in the village pop-up)
>Finally, before moving on, check off the box 'join to nearest city' in the same village pop-up

Basic summary is you must manually link each village to a castle, or it will be left 'homeless' [thumb]
(using map edit the first time around, some things of course seem foreign, after using a few times suddenly its not)  

...In our next installment, we will talk about the proper placement of grass [cool]

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Yes, sir. Exactly! [thumb] 
I think there's a room for a little improvement. Since "join nearest city" is what you want to do most of the time when placing a village, this check box should be selected by default. This is what I have on my list. 
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Something i havent seen[smile] >stonehenge. what effect should we expect?
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It's an add-on to dwarven castles. With this add-on more units will be produced with berserk skill. Dwarven shaman will appear once.
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After some hours and a new map as my fruit:

Enjoyably easy to use. Map maker is quite 'raw' and thats actually the best part.
There arent mega options (parameters etc) or menu items to fuss with.... Object and terrain drop down...simple. 
Grid keybind and scroll arrows is nicety. Program had no errors or hiccup, never once failed.

All this does it well, the hardest part in my opinion is the creation of the map.
No doubt one could spend stacked hours creating battefields with this map maker [crazy]

Very Awesome you 'threw' this together for public consumption > a clear asset to your project  [thumb]
 Great job on it.



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First time using dropbox so hopefully no issues.
1v1 men vs men map at this point - as a heads up i give you this info>
every village is set to pop 6. Most castles are set to 7-10 pop - starting castles set to 15
most, but not all ruins are level 1. out of say 25 perhaps 5-7 are lvl2/3
*there are 12 bandit lairs> im not sure if this number is too high.
also i did not always use the terrain function in groups of 4 to make perfect squares..i kinda like a random terrain block here and there, and some
of them are strategic in a sense. exmpl forest terrain in mine clusters as a food source..or the forest terrain near water crossings for a stealth approach to the otherside...and more...
Anything that may make for 'bad map' feel free to change. 

And of course if anyone with more experience on other factions wants to modify it for that, please feel free aswell

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Respect! You are the first one who created a new map with new map editor. [thumb]
I like the map very much. It is seen that you've put much effort in various details. Great work!
I found some problems though.

This is what I fixed:
  • Player 4 (owner of rightmost castle in the bottom of the map) was missing in Map Info (you have added Player 1 and Player 2)
  • Options that you've selected for your second player (which you designed to belong to Men faction) were incorrect.
  • Second player villages were not assigned to the castle.
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Ahh ok i see somehow i placed dark ai in the slot on far right instead of man > but so let me make sure im even straight on this:
The click list on the far left is my choice, and by accepting with arrow >>> my set choice is shown far right. ?? 

Aside from that i wanted to ask anyhow ; assuming its a 1v1 map : pretend i made my choices in box 1-2.  now im dealing with the 3-4slots >
It makes sense i could just leave them blank (1v1 or 2v2 map) but what is the main difference between, if i select for exmpl dark(AI) in the list on left, as opposed to just selecting dark faction no ai? 
Men (plyr1)
Men (plyr2)
Dark (ai)
Dwarf (ai)

when working on map itself the castles are either men, dwarf or neutral (dark castle being seperate object of course)
I think its the neutral part that confuses me ( which is why i asked earlier if i didnt set villages to castle, would the AI eventually take over that village himself... fend for himself...)
So if i set map info options to AI in these 'unused player slots', the neutral factions will have some life? and if i set them with no ai theyll just simply be in game but with no interaction? 

hahahaaa im probably confusing you..or myself one of the 2 [confused]

I promise the rest of the editor is absolutely self explanatory [kiss]

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Yes, slots to the left are your possible choices for the player. With '>>' button you move them to the right. Options to the right will be available in game. Option that is on top of the list is considered as default. You can remove not needed option with '<<' button.

Initially, all players are disabled, but you need to enable at least one player to proceed to map making (map without players is not a valid map). So you start by clicking '>>' adding your first option. Let's assume you have added 'Men[ai]' and 'Men' for Player 1 (in that particular order). If you look at the right combo box, now it has 3 items: 'Men', 'Men[ai]', 'None'. 'Men' is on top - it's a default selection. Other 2 options can be selected in game, meaning that you can either make this player controlled by AI (playing for the faction of Men) or you can disable this player. If for some reason you don't want to give users the option of disabling this player. Then use '<<' button to move 'None' item to the left. Difference between 'Men' and 'Men[ai]' is the following: if you want computer controlled opponent - select option ending with '[ai]', simple faction names stand for human players. This allows you to specify game configuration exactly as you want ot: limiting a faction to AI only, human only or mixing both.

In game, castle can be of dwarven or human origin. Don't confuse it with player factions, since Men player can be owner of dwarven castle and will produce dwarves.

In current implementation AI is very limited. AI will produce troops, send heroes to pillage the ancient tombs, recently I have implemented aggressive AI actions, it will try to capture castles. But it's far from being intelligent. Don't expect much. [smile]

Player 0 is neutral computer player. It is not a faction. All encounters like independent castle, bandits, monsters in tombs - they all belong to Player 0. 
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I had already made up my mind starting out the 1st map was to be men vs men - this gave me onetrack mind...i hadnt at all considered the future optional options.
Pulling up our existing maps and playing with the options further amplifies your response [rolleyes]  
All makes sense now i see it,  thank you [thumb]  

The AI may not be the smartest, yet; but to consider added AI in any form, judging from games played with real opponent so far, would make huge difference on any outcomes.
Atleast you have implemented AI...there was a time you had none [cool]

Glad you like the map Cant wait to play it! (maybe on your revised copy you can add some orc huts before you upload to site? i forgot!!!)
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I'll add some orc huts. I also need to make several changes in client to support loading of some objects. We never used them before on maps (stables, training grounds).
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What would you say if we could make Tutorial maps? It could be done like in Heroes of might and magic (with post signs for giving text to the player) or (and I would rather have this but this is much work) I would like to have trigger options like in StarCraft 1 map editor (are you familiar with this editors?). Also - is it possible to have different premade map sizes? I'm working on a map right now but if the editor would expand I would be like to do a campaign instead [biggrin] 
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