Road Map


I would like to state our future road map for Wargame Project. I started to write down all the ideas that we generated through these years. I feel overwhelmed, so I'll just begin with some list, not trying to sound complete or systematized.

Field and Siege Battles

Field and siege battles will become more sophisticated in terms of formations and orders. Path finding in battle will be improved. New weapons will be added. Battle animations will be added. More tactical options will be available: changing unit battle roles, evasive maneuvers, etc.

Naval Combat

Naval battles with all the fun: boarding, ramming and ranged fire of catapults and skirmishers. Pirates for hire.

Advanced Questing System

Dynamic quest generation driven by world events. World inhabitants will ask heroes for help. Vampire Lords will terrorize the lands, dark beings will occupy abandoned places, wild beasts will lurk in the grim forests waiting for their pray.

Advanced Magic System

Different magic schools that will include: necromancy, elemental magic, alchemy, religions (good or evil gods). There will be rituals, praying, potion making, summoning, collective spell casting, teleportation, terraforming. Temples, idols, places of power, magic towers. Wizard duels.

Map Levels

Global map will be extended by dungeons and demonic dimension.

Advanced Experience System

More skills. Sophisticated skill progression. Unit promotion from simple warrior to epic hero. Medals to reward you elite units.


Thieves, paladins, mages, warriors will be united in guilds. Guilds will serve as player interfaces to hire mercenaries, get quests, buy information and much more.


Spies and infiltrators will be used to gather important information about other players and their plans.

Renown System

Current reputation system will be reworked into new system that will feature: alignment (good/evil), renown (victory rating) and trust (affected by mean or noble deeds)

New Units

New epic units like: Living Trees, Dragons, Giant Sea Monsters, River and Ground Wyrms. There will be gigantic steel avatars, remotely controlled by wizards.

Diplomatic Actions

Send in-game messages to other players. Ask for tribute, form alliances, offer bribes, surrender.


Heroes will carry mighty artifacts: weapons and armour. These artifacts will be traded, found in dungeons, received as rewards or forged by skilled craftsmen.

New Player Side

Elves. This player side will consist of dominant Elven race and other lesser races.

God Mode

Ability to play as game master. God. Observer that can influence the world and flow of the game.

Game Modes

New mods of play: king of the hill, survival mode, capture the flag, hide and seek. Whatever that comes to our minds.

Game Statistics

We will continue to develop battle server. We intend to gather and show plenty of useful statistics to the users.

Advanced AAR System

There are plans to improve our After Action Report system to log important game events as great battles, hero exploits, world events and etc.

New Campaigns

Campaign for the Dark Side. Dwarven campaign. More tutorial missions. 

AI System

AI agents that can replace human opponents in hotseat or network multiplayer modes.

Modding Tools

Map Editor will be available to users. Possibly, we will develop and release Campaign Editor. In my brave dreams I even see custom AI scripting.


This is our vision. Given our tortoise speed of development I doubt that all these magnificent changes will happen any time soon, but slowly we will move towards our goals. Step by step. [smile]
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Not bad, but ...
Some ideas more good and playable...

Artifact? - +2 to move army?[smile]
Staff of ruling - +3 command?[confused]
Magic - Elemental summoning?[confused]

more hard siege? maybe)  but its general gameplay and strategy change

 Some not good (junk for general gameplay)
leveled game map - very long for play

naval battle? - linkor? cruiser? galleon? pirates? for river...hmm large map with more waterhex? not interesting

game like master of magic? with hardcore micromanagement? 2 years one map play with missclick or onebattle final?

global balance - 3-4 years pre alfa?
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As it stands now, WargameProject takes a place among some of the best games ever envisioned - even without the million dollar budget...the advertising...- and so to play it, while keeping in mind that this title hasnt truly 'evolved' yet - plain and simple its phenomenal what has been achieved thus far.
To share this 'road map' for the future only leads to more excitement, and a congrats to myself [cool] lol> for choosing to climb aboard your fine ship.
All the ideas mentioned sound swell - specifically the naval affairs. the finer tuning of tactical commands. the units. the weapons. the ELVES. the map editor! and the AI >given the choice of playing opponents, id choose a long game everytime, and if real humans dont always have the endurance- then some AI would suit me just fine.
Great Stuff Guys. Excellent Minds. [thumb]  

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It sounds really great) I do not want to comment anything now, we'll see when it will be realized. But it looks really great. I hope the project will continue to develop in the same way, I fully support you!

The only thing I say is about the priorities as I see them. Though the game is not finished, a lot of work has already been done and it is possible to play! And I think that it's time to begin make around game things.
Thirst of all - map editor. It's not easy to create map, so first new maps will be created only in weeks after you make editor.

If you want to attract more players, you should think about AI. I know that the AI ​​is usually made closer to release, but many players dislike game without mod against the computer. Let it be not strong, primitive introductory AI,but it should just be.

As for other things I don't know what is better, because everything is too interesting) magic, guilds, quests, artefacts, elves, naval combats...)
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Excellent post and very exciting indeed [smile]

Here is my small contribution about the future of the WargameProject as I see it. 

In my opinion the game has already a lot of depth, even compared to the best strategy games we have nothing to be ashamed of. However most of the features are hidden gems and are not documented at all. They are very hard to find even while playing the game and looking at them... Because of that new players are often confused because they do not understand what and why is happening. Good example is the recent post by Sadxxo titled 'Where are my 2 catapults'. The ironic thing in that particular case was that even I, one of the creators who has been in the project from the very start, could not answer his question right away (to be fair Baruk already added Assassination skill to the battle report and we will see assassination reports in future releases) [smile]

So the first focus that I would like to point out is work to make existing features more available. I believe that can be achieved with relative ease by introducing few major UI improvements. I clearly see some kind of army context area dynamically populated with buttons for triggering different skills available right now with detailed information about them and their costs in the tooltips. As important as that is to show also skills potentially availably for that army, but that can not be used right now. Player will easily master them if he sees the reasons he can not use this or that skill.
Also some simple features for the new players like tips whenever something happens for the first time in the game (like approaching a castle triggers tip about sieging, first combat encounter triggers tip about military advisor - btw I'm sure some of us still underuse this fantastic feature that greatly helps to minimise risks).

Secondly I would like to advocate for the 'Game modes' part of the roadmap. In my opinion this would greatly diversify the gaming experience and make the game more likeable by a wider audience. 

Third point... After numerous matches with and without quick start, I personally came to an important conclusion - the game is much more fun without quickstart. It adds the part of building your empire from a single castle and in such mode each game is more unique and offers much more options how to build your strategy. Also it adds some little RPG elements into the gameplay and that works really well for me - questing, training your troops into veterans, etc. So in my opinion playing without quickstart could be our main intended game mode and thus we should continue to add features that make more sense in that mode - like artefacts (there was a great concept from Toxas re them, it would be really cool if posted publicly imho) and more advanced quests. 

Battle server - my main responsibility as of now. I'm planning to implement something that could be called Game Journal. It will be an automated flow of events which can be enriched by players. The backbone of the Game Journal will be generated automatically by the battle server based on the statistics sent by the game client each turn. It will include all major events like heroes emerge, die, major battles won, castles lost/captured, artefacts claimed, etc. On top of that players will add their AAR screenshots that will organically be combined with the game flow events (illustrating them or standalone). There will also be simple social network elements like comments. The purpose will be to create a fun to watch page not only by the players of that particular match, but even for other wargamers or even strangers who stumble upon the site.  

PS. Maybe we manage to come up with a proper name for the game? [smile] WargameProject has always been a working title, but somehow it sticked so well...
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+1 for AI

We realize its importance we really do... its just so hard [smile]) the game has too many combinations of different unit properties and skills etc to somehow make a decision whom and how to move from point A to point B for example

To be fair, we have made at least 2 attempts to implement AI and we made some modest progress. First attempt was a really long time ago by me when we created our first campaign missions (especially the last one - about attacking dark side portal). A tactical engine was created which resulted in quite effective AI, but limited to defensive operations. It took enormous effort (man weeks I even don't remember how long) and it works quite well, AI is capable of choosing targets well enough, assembling proper stacks to overcome them from available units. But the second part of the engine - to allow AI to move somewhere and assault was not done (the part where moving armies should be reunited somehow after battles). So currently AI would very well defend its assets (castles, villages) and may even move trying to attack, but after battles the remaining forces will continue moving as is w/o stacking back together [smile])

Later Baruk made a higher level engine that has all the bricks to make strategic decisions. So we have a lot of work already done both on tactical and strategic AI level, but few stones missing w/o which the whole thing does not yet work...

We will continue adding small stones until a final push is doable... we really want this too...
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On your last 2 post megas
I agree on your first focal point - you should focus on existing material, the UI like you state...the tips as you say are a nicety, etc
the second part - game modes - definitely a good future thought that leads to endless play ability and variety. Ofc youve been playing for ??? [tongue] how long? Me, im set for quite some time as game sits [smile] But thats an excellent path, the fun part will be brainstorming the many scenarios, just like the ones that you have noted. 
On your 3rd part- the No Quick Start - absolutely agree. Its not to say the quick start is rotten... its   just   >quick. Its a good feature to maintain, to have that option-  but ill agree again on all your points leaning toward no quick start. I can see most of this stems from the maps themselves, but in the end that is obviously a much smoother hurdle to jump then say; AI...
which brings my last opinion> if it were "My Game" > i wouldnt rush to accomplish that. Would AI be awesome, we know the answer is Yes. But make your strong game core first...keep doing just what your doing. AI shouldnt supersede the great ideas and the road map you have in mind for the nearer future. 

...and the part on artifacts is still sinking into my mind. Ive read the post by our toxaz, and it is clever. An object of desire (artifact) has been done in many games >> though im not sure in such a deep manner as wargameproject will likely take it [biggrin] lol   Grand idea, it'd add a huge new level! So i say still sinking in my mind, because I could daydream for hours the endless options on topic of artifacts here. Having something in the world that 'you suddenly just MUST have' (the idea of weapon dropping on battlefield) - gets in the way of your perceived strategy and would change the flow of battle immensely. Alot of variations for this topic indeed. 
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My suggestion for the UI would be tooltips for the character sheet. Currently you can look at a character in detail, see what skills and equipment they have, etc. But if you try to do the natural thing for any RPG/strategy gamer and mouse over said equipment or skills, the character sheet closes. So some way to lock the sheet open, and then some information about what the equipment and skills do.
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Good idea. The only reason I am not doing it now is because we are expecting new graphics from our artist. As soon as we will receive new art, we'll start changing user interface of unit information sheet.
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