Dark race is the race of possibilities. There are a lot of nuances in the game just for this side, some of that:


  • The most important resource for the dark race is mana, create as many dark portals and capture as many magic towers as it possible.
  • High leveled portals and magic towers give more mana, so try to defend and keep portals and towers near the border points.
  • You need money to hire bandits to sabotage your enemy, capturing mines and water mills will be useful too.
  • To get more money from mines use slaves and orc slave master, you can get slaves in any village.
  • Another way to get money - is pillage villagies or marauder in battlefields by bandits or orcs.
  • Dont forget about ruins, Dark ambassador is the strongest unique unit in the game, use him for 2 or 3 leveled ruins. Dark khights can reborn so dont regret to send them to ruins too. 
  • Castles are good source of men for necromancy, conquer them. Every man can become skeleton - a part of your undead army.


  • Most of the ordinary troops without or with minimal upkeep, such as orcs and bandits rather weak.
  • Dark elite forces are gargolyes, dark mages and liches, all of them demand mana upkeep.
  • The strongest dark army is 10 gargolyes (or + several Blood Demons instead of some gargolyes) and 10 liches or 20 gargolyes (if liches too expensive for you). It is also the fastest army, so it would be a good idea to keep at least one army in reserve and send to the flanks when there is a need.
  • Necromancer is one of key units, he is quite weak in a battle, but he can summon liches and gives skeletons when placed in castle. 
  • Zombies are extremely weak and expensive, do not call them too often. This should be done only when you have a lot of mana or when you need to weaken, destroy or divert the enemy very quickly.
  • Alone trolls is not very effective in castle sieges, while 15 trolls in one shot can kill a half of castle defenders, the better half if you`re lucky. But be careful, its  easier for the enemy to destroy them when trolls are collected in a single stack, the troll stack should be carefully guarded.
  • Spiders are good not only as spies, in large numbers they can successfully capture the farms, mines, destroy reinforcements, catapults and carts, arrange small diversions.
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  • Its important to get magic towers as soon as possible. They give not a lot of mana but serve as a source of necromancers.
  • Spider Queen can infect dead with parasite. Its good way to increase your spider army in short time.
  • Kill population in villagies and haffling homes, you can do defile ritual in graveyards, which gives you ghosts in some time. Dont kill castle population, skeletons are better than ghosts.
  • Try to hire bandits with your uruk-hai commander, the upkeep of bandits hired by him will cost a half (20g instead of 40g).
  • Use Dark Haste spell in the start to have time to do more dark portals or to overcome the long distance to the nearest ruins of 2 or 3 level.
  • Do not hold small number of armies at the front line, also lead the siege with the maximum possible number of troops.
  • Dark forces in general weaker than people, the ideal ratio of the number of troops is about 1.5-2:1, try to keep this balance.
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