This checklist is intended for new human players to make sure you know the basics and the most important tactics in the human player arsenal. Some of the tips are actually for all playing sides not just human.
  • military advisor -there is so called military advisor in the game which is a huge help when taking decision if to attack or not - it works by clicking on enemy army when on nearby cell holding down shift key (cursor should change)... this also works for castle assaults (which are especially hard to predict by yourself)
  • there are different level ruins in the game - level 1, 2 and 3... you can enter level 2 and 3 ruins with 2 and 3 heroes respectively... do not enter level 2 ruin with one hero unless he is veteran and very strong
  • armour needs repairing, you can do most of it with supply wagons (select Repair Army from army menu when standing next to supply wagon) except if armour is totally shattered then it can be equipped again in castle
  • broken shields are not repaired and must be equipped in castles!
  • look out for unit promotions (green notifications in army info and unit info screens).. you can promote light infantry to heavy and then to very heavy.. when promoting equip better armour in castles... the game is essentially about having the best troops and the way to victory is to accumulate veterans
  • baron knights and heroes can enter villages with militia and raise it, then it can be trained into light infantry (select appropriate skill for baron/knight) - this is a great source of cheap light infantry for humans (note that after training, armour has to be equipped in the castle)
  • you can boost militia "production" by building more villages and also by reducing food tax (done in castle menu), so that village wealth restores more rapidly (militia appears in village when wealth is 2 and when militia raised it drops).. to avoid hunger in the castle you can either monitor the food level and put tax back to normal when food is low or bring food from other castles or if plenty of money supply wagons can be bought in halfling dwellings
  • halflings have high upkeep, common mistake is to overuse them and then encounter economical collapse
  • when playing against dark race you will need lots of priests (produced in temples) - they target undead in battle and deal triple damage to them, also you can bless units in temples for increased damage to the undead.. some temples are already on the map, but you can build additional from castle menu
  • priests can also deal damage to undead on the global map - approach undead army making sure you have 4 move points left and cast 'banish undead' - different undead units have different level of resistance to this magic, but it can be devastating
  • priests can cast heal - great way to restore your heroes after ruins... and cure poison (dealt by orcs for example), so all in all invaluable units, must have in every army or at least nearby
  • the undead are: zombies raised from corpses (if you have big battle and many dead on the battlefield and there is a necromancer nearby - expect counter attack with zombies raised from just fallen warriors), ghosts - summoned in graveyards (flying and invisible), liches - very dangerous units summoned by necromancers (which are produced in mage towers), skeletons - produced in human/dwarven castles when there is a necromancer, dark mages - produced in dark portals.. if sorted by strength starting from the weakest, then the order would be - zombies (raw meat), skeletons (foot soldiers), ghosts (airforce), dark mages (magic casters), liches (powerful both in range and melee combat), dark knights ("heroes" of the dark side)
  • humans are neutral by default meaning you have a choice wether to play the game as a good/bad/neutral human or you can even turn few times during the game - the definition of good/bad is measured by reputation - >50 is good, less than -50 is bad, everything in between is neutral - many events in the game will shift you towards bad or good (for example hiring bandits is bad, destroying bandit lair is good)
  • good human players will have more heroes (and therefor money) and knights (and therefor more liegemen, militia and squires, hawks), also haflings can be hired for smaller money, but no necromancers and no bandits... 
  • bad human players will have less heroes (less money), no knights (less or no militia and no squires and liegemen), no halflings, no priests (and can not use temples), but will be able to produce orcs in orc villages (no trolls though), necromancers in mage towers (which gives access to zombies and liches)
  • look out for 'Siege master' skill among your heroes and knight errants - it will allow you to build 2 catapults instead of 1 and will boost catapult damage, also note that catapults fire better from towers (heroes can build them) and hills
  • you will need 2 catapults to siege stone castle
  • fire catapults and then use military advisor to predict the assault outcome of your army (army should be row of heavy! melee units followed by archers), if outcome is victory - attack, do not over bombard castles as it diminishes their wealth and population
  • if castle population is less than 20, the production is reduced to half, to fix it either stop production for a while or produce only heavy (then population is restored faster than in case of light infantry)
  • cavalry looses mounting bonus in non open terrain (woods, hills, objects), without it is is ordinary overpriced heavy infantry
  • use hawks (summoned by baron knights) to scan woods for bandit layers, then periodically check them if bandits are still inside - the problem is the bandits can offer their services to your enemy (by themselves) or some units can approach and hire them... in case of bandit danger, raise castle guards and if available militia in nearby villages and bring it to the castle
  • do not move your armies in small chunks when near frontier - combine into armies, otherwise enemy will easily kill them

Good luck!
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