Surviving Dark Forces Invasion


Dwarves are strong, but fighting endless numbers of orcs and confronting fearful demon legions is a tough work even for them.

General thoughts
  • Fight close to your citadels.
  • Hide Dwarven Guards in the proximity of citadels. Wolves usually will not come close. If you think there's still a danger - defend your lairs with near armies!
  • Have a hero in besieged citadel. He greatly amplifies your chances for survival.
  • When attacking, hero can be a passive actor in your battles! He can just stand behind your troops giving bonuses. This way he can provide bonuses for several battles in one turn\\ Your troops are good enough to fight on their own.
  • Supply cart must be nearby to repair your beaten troops.
  • Destroy scout towers. You do not need them. Your citadels can see far enough. You cannot afford protecting them.
  • Dwarven maceman is a good unit to fight vs troll.
  • Orcs can kill griffons effectively if they surround them. For example: four griffons vs eight orcs will lose the fight. Hence, try to attack with griffons when having numerical superiority!
  • Avoid orc archers with your Griffons. Try to attack melee armies.
  • Crossbow is bad against demons. Their skin protects them well. Use crossbowmen with demon slayer ability. They still will not deliver critical hits, but at least their damage to demons will not be pathetically low.
  • Produce archers in human castles as they compliment dwarven heavy infantry very good.

Experience paid with blood
  • Standard dwarven army (with 1 priest) sustains (taking casualties) 3 zombie waves, the 4th is fatal.
  • Full neutral human castle without archers can be taken by ~15 griffons (though you will lose 2/3 of your flying army).
  • Beware of spiders, they are damage dealers and shield breakers like griffons. Typically, your crossbowmen will be tired and spiders will reach your melee ranks. Nothing you can do about it. Just remember that castle walls are no obstacles for these beasts.
  • Griffons can not parry great mace so attacking gargoyles may not be a wise decision. It will be a bloodbath.
  • Use griffons to expand and capture castles. Use your regular troops to secure the area.
  • When awaiting assault place your hero in the first line. Don't try to save him. Otherwise he will die pathetically in the end, being your last dwarf on the battle field.
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