Light Infantry


In this article we will review the tactical usage of light infantry. This guide is written for Human and Dwarven players in mind, but it's tactical part is also relevant to Dark Side player.

For inexperienced commanders it might be difficult to select appropriate production strategy, since pros and cons of light infantry are not evident. Let us start with stating advantages and disadvantages of using light infantry:


  • Very mobile in any terrain
  • Increased production rate (x2)
  • Has building/repairing skills
  • Expendable (deliver damage and die)
  • Does not require upkeep if garrisoned
  • Eventually can be trained into heavy infantry
  • Creates illusion of power (opponent may think you have superior forces)


  • Easily killed (good experience for enemy troops)
  • Very weak to archery fire (many die without reaching melee)
  • Not dependable (cannot be used as meat shields)
  • Production rate damages economy (number of vassals in castles producing light infantry does not increase)
  • Large armies are harder to supply with food
  • Creates illusion of power (you have plenty armies that are actually very weak)

General tactical usage and role

  • Supplementary

Accompany heavy legions and provide support. Attack secondary targets (scouts, small parties, infrastructure objects), build abatises, repair damaged structures (bridges, villages, etc).

  • Emergency

Reinforce broken regiments. Recover form heavy losses. Fill the gaps in ranks, when there is no other choice available.

  • Garrison

Garrison home front castles to prevent diversions. Trained militia is the perfect choice.

  • Bait

Use light infantry armies as bait to lure enemy closer. Then destroy him with counter attack of your main forces.

  • Initiate fights

You can initiate attack on defensive positions with your light infantry to cover advancement of your heavy troops. Surprise your opponent, when he thinks he is out of reach.

  • Soften the enemy

Sacrifice your light infantry to soften and tire strong enemy army prior to your main strike.

  • Finish the enemy

Swarm with numbers. Overwhelm weakened enemy army with numerical superiority when their ranks are already broken. When you are in the middle of a big fight you don't want to distract your heavy legions with such tasks.

Avoid doing

  • Storm heavily fortified castles
  • Attacking armies with veteran archers

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