• Discussion: bandit threat

    I`ve just ended my first game, and I almost sure that I win largely with help of bandits, making sabotage behind enemy lines. So I want to discuss...

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    Started by Toxaz

  • Skills and spells

    This is general thread about all kinds of skills and spells. Feel free to ask questions and post comments/observations here!

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    Started by megas

  • Three- sides maps

    It would be desirable to see in the list maps for three single players. Man Vs Man Vs Man and Dark Vs Man Vs Dwarf Such it is possible?

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    Started by Aiero_Ivor

  • Custom game modes

    Hi everyone, I am starting this topic to ask for your ideas about custom game modes that we would like to implement in Wargame Project. Currently,...

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    Started by Baruk

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