In this article we will discuss what kind of randomness can be encountered in Wargame Project. Without further ado let us begin.

Fair Random

It specifies how many events can happen within specific period of time. Irregular units such as knights will join players once in a while. But knight is very important unit to let him appear depending exclusively on luck. So this is regulated by fair random dice. Example: a single knight will offer his service to the player within ten turns. It means that two players will receive same amount of knights within specific period of time. One player may receive a knight on first turn, another player may receive a knight on his tenth turn, but there is no way that some player receives second knight before another player gets his first one.

Incremental Random

Each turn chances to hire heroes or mercenaries increase. Likewise Fair Random this mechanism is implemented due to balance considerations. But it is very important to us to leave these events non-deterministic. 

Restricted Random

Dwarven Guards and Champions are good examples of application of Restricted Random logic. Both units are produced randomly from the bunch of regular dwarven units. Each unit has a chance to join elite dwarven military force (as Guard or Champion). But no matter how many units are produced in castle at once, only one of them will be chosen.

Unpredictable Random

Some random events are completely not moderated by the system. Gargoyles and Dark Mages will join player in truly unpredictable fashion. Your chances to hire these units grow with the portal level, but it is theoretically possible to receive unit offer every turn or do not receive it at all for quite a prolonged time.

Randomized Initial Traits

Units are not clones! It is quite typical to see same unit type produced with different hit point values and individual skills (i.e: bard, siege master, hawk master, etc). 

Battle Random

Everything in battle is random (regulated by probabilities). Every hit, every parry is randomized. That's why battle results are often so unpredictable and battles are thrilling to watch. 


We hope that this article will shed some light on how things work under the hood in Wargame Project. [wink]
Conceptually, random factor is inherent part of the game, which brings:
  • Variation
  • Unpredictable results
  • Better modeling of reality
  • Fun or grief (depending on your view on the subject) [cool]
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